Specially for innos D6000.

Software version 3.2 updates the Android up to 6.0.1 (16.12.2016)
Release notes 3.2version for innos D6000:
Software version 3.2 can be installed only on innos D6000, that were bought only from All other innos D6000 - will be bricked.
Software version 3.2 updates the Android up to 6.0.1.
We've increased the system performance.
The stability of the system has been increased.
Bugs fixed.
Over 100 languages supported




How to update the software (step-by-step instructions)

Step 1:

  1. Please download the new update for innos D6000 to your computer (the link is above).
  1. Please record the update file to the root folder of microSD. Please also be noted that the file should either not be renamed or be unzipped.
  1. Please insert the microSD card to your smartphone and restart it..
  1. Please connect the smartphone to the charger and do not turn it off to the end of the procedure.
  1. Go to the settings menu.

Step 2:

  1. Choose About the phone menu.

Step 3:

  1. Choose System update.

Step 4:

  1. Go to File Manager.

Step 5:

  1. Click on the lock in the drop down menu and choose SD-card.

Step 6:

  1.  Please find the update file on the SD-card and click on it. Right after it the new software will start installing. Please make sure that the phone is connected to the charger and the charge of the inner battery is at least 20%. Once the software is installed please make the factory reset.
Update innos D6000 v2.6 (08.08.2016)
The list of changes and improvements in the new firmware 2.6 for innos D6000:
Changed the network selection logic. This means that the settings of each SIM- card can be selected from more connecting options than before.
In the setting new feture available: navibar. It that can hide Android function keys.
Boot logos changed. First is displayed Powered by Android, then the innos logo.
Other errors fixed.




How to update the software (step by step instructions)
  1. Download the new firmware for innos D6000 to a personal computer (referred to above).
  1. Insert the smartphone MicroSD card, and then restart it to the card determined.
  1. Connect your smartphone to your computer using the included cable. When connecting, select either "Media device (MTP)», or «Connect the SD-card." For different versions of Windows or a suitable variant or second.
  1. Download the new firmware to the root directory of MicroSD card. Please note that the .zip file does not need to pre-unpacking - it should be written on a MicroSD exactly the form in which you have downloaded it to your computer
  1. Disconnect your smartphone from your computer.
  1. Go to the menu and select "Settings".
  1. Select "About phone" (the lowest).
  1. Select the "System Update" option.
  1. Open the "File Manager" and mound SD card.
  1. Find the update file and open it. Please note! Make sure that the battery is charged for at least 20%.
  1. After that, the smartphone prompts you to reboot. Click "OK" to reboot your smartphone and begin installing the new firmware.
  1. After installation, it is desirable to do a factory reset.