User agreement


Dear user,

You are on the official website of innos brand (site is owned by PELITT LV SIA company) - (hereinafter referred to as " site»). Innos trade mark is owned by company JSR Limited, which involves in development, manufacture and sale of smart phones with storage high-capacity battery. 

In accordance with principles of electronic commerce PELITT LV SIA ensures site correct operation and access to the functionality of the service - online store assortment awareness, order and goods payment, customer support (hereinafter - services site). PELITT LV SIA provides site services in accordance with this user agreement. Before you take any actions on site, we ask you to carefully read this document. By accepting this user agreement, you represent and warrant that you are already  18 years old, or you make acquaintance with site under the supervision of a parents or guardians.

About this agreement

This user agreement governs the legal relationship between the user (You) and site. Before you register on site and use services of site, please read the terms and conditions of this user agreement. By accepting the terms, you agree to the legal obligations of the user agreement, which becomes effective during your stay on innos site, as well as using the site services - regardless of whether you have created your account on the site or You are an unregistered user, whether You have placed an order or not. In case of breach of any of terms of this user agreement, site administration reserves the right to prohibit the offender to use the site and to place orders on site. PELITT LV SIA reserves the right to amend this user agreement from time to time. This user agreement is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation and shall be construed in accordance with it.


1.The user shall be liable in following cases:

- Provision of false data required in the course of using site service;

- Accommodation on innos site  of materials violating  confidentiality, privacy, copyright or patent law, trademark law or other property rights of individuals, as well as materials that can cause operation failures of site.

2. Administration  of site has the right to remove any information that may be regarded as inappropriate, illegal or violating the provisions of this agreement.

3. The user registers on site via e-mail. In order to authenticate the account each user is assigned a unique account number and password.

The authorized user has access to all services of site. User is obliged to keep the password to access the site confidential and as well as other identification data. We recommend the user not to disclose your password to third parties, since the user is solely liable for all activities (including purchases) performed with the use of a user name and password. In the event of unauthorized or improper use of an account, the user should immediately inform site customer support.

4. The user  consents to use its contacts (email and phone number) to obtain information from the site administration. All agreements, notices, non-disclosure agreement and other documents submitted in electronic form from site, are in compliance with the current legislation in relation to such means of formation exchange.


If the user has violated any provision of this user agreement, PELITT LV SIA has the right to cancel any action by the authorized user or deny an access to services of  innos site. User shall be responsible for any order placed by him on innos site. PELITT LV SIA reserves the right to make changes to the site innos operation without preliminary notice to the user.

Mistake in goods description or in price calculation

On site description  is given for goods and services with prices that can be adjusted without prior notice to the users.

PELITT LV SIA reserves the right to change prices at any time without any notice and to correct mistakes (such as incorrect display of prices on the site due to technical failure) that may periodically occur on innos site.

We will try to minimize the risk of such failures, and if they occur to eliminate them as soon as possible. PELITT LV SIA promises to ensure that the information on innos site is accurate and up to date. The offer on the website  shall not constitute  a public offer.

Order processing

After the user shall have the order placed  on the innos site, PELITT LV SIA will check the reliability of the order. PELITT LV SIA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order without explanation.

Such restrictive measures may apply to orders made from one account on innos site, to orders paid with the same credit card; to orders  where the same billing address and shipping address are indicated. If the order  of the user is rejected, the administration  of innos site will notify the user of the cancellation by e-mail specified at the time of  registration on innos site.

Order confirmation

The notice sent to the e-mail and SMS to the user's mobile phone, with order details (number and composition) shall not constitute a confirmation of order acceptance and the sale of goods or services.

Innos site has the right at any time after completing your order to accept or cancel it for any reason. The order will be considered accepted after the user receives respective notification via an e-mail.

Customs office

Buyer is authorizing company ILIOR, registration Nr 40003680821 , to perform all necessary customs clearance procedures of the goods further delivered to the buyer.


Company PELITT LV SIA shall be the seller of goods to the user of the site.

Payment for orders shall be made in rubles on site  using VISA / MasterCard cards. Innos site shall confirm  user's order and shall start the process of goods shipment within 3 business days after the payment.

Limitation of liability

Using the site, the user fully accepts the potential risks. Administration of site  shall not  guarantee the complete absence of errors and technical problems on site. Also, the site administration shall not not guarantee that the information that the user sees on the innos site is completely accurate and true. That is, the user acknowledges that this  item of the agreement applies to all goods and services available on the site.

In no cases PELITT LV SIA shall be rliable  for any losses (direct or indirect) arising from the use or inability to use site, including the use of information or services rendered from the site that could cause loss of data, delays in service and other mistakes in the site. site administration takes all necessary actions so that the information on the site to be correct and up to date but does not guarantee the accuracy of the data and provides "no guarantee of quality" information.

PELITT LV SIA, as well as partners, affiliates and third parties  which the company cooperates with;  employees, contractors and users of innos site to the extent established by law, waive any liability for any negative consequences that may arise for the user or any third party resulting from the use site, as well as use of goods and services placed on it. This condition shall apply to any losses resulting from misuse site.

Intellectual property

1.The company PELITT LV SIA or its content providers shall own all content available on the site. Including images, photos, audio, video, logos, button icons, software, data summaries and text.

2. All graphics, logos, button icons, the name of goods and services, the scripts listed on site are the subjects of corporate identity and PELITT LV SIA brand (brand) in Russia and other countries.

3.Brand and corporate identity of PELITT LV SIA can not be used for other products or services that do not belong to JSR Limited, as well as in any form that can harm PELITT LV SIA company or  its clients.

4.Any other brands that do not belong to PELITT LV SIA, which may appear on the innos site or in other services of PELITT LV SIA, are the property of the owners of these brands, that may not have any relation to PELITT LV SIA.

5.The use of any elements of corporate identity or trademarks without the express written permission of PELITT LV SIA  is prohibited.

6.Save for aformentioned  intellectual property, all of the content that the user sees on the site is protected by international copyright laws and is the property of PELITT LV SIA.

Applications access

The user has to give permission for a specific access to his gadget while working in an application, created for PELITT LV SIA.

Force majeure

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (force majeure) PELITT LV SIA shall not be liable for the delay in the performance of any of its obligations set out in the user agreement and shall be granted  additional time to perform its obligations.


Disputes and claims shall be forwarded to consideration of authorities with the relevant competence - in the court with exclusive jurisdiction located in Latvia.