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Frequently asked questions

innos D6000 smartphone
innos D6000 smartphone
Purchase and delivery
Firmware and service
What’s included in a complete set?

  1. The phone itself
  2. Rear cover made of soft-touch plastic
  3. Removable battery
  4. Cable
  5. Charging station
  6. Warranty card
  7. Instructions
Where can I find a complete spec-list?
innos D6000 measurements 144 х 72 х 11,9 mm
innos D6000 weight 188 g
Casing material Plastic
How long the innos D6000 can function without recharging 2.5-3 days on the built-in battery. Up to one week using both batteries – built-in and replaceable.
SAR level This smartphone fully complies with radiation level standards specified by Russian legislation.
Dust and water protection None
NFC compatibility None
Accumulator Li-Po
What are the differences between the innos D6000 smartphone officially sold in Europe and the Chinese version?

The innos D6000 smartphone officially sold in Europe is quite different compared to the Chinese version available prior to 2016. A few bugs were sorted out, the smartphone has been adapted to the local market, the menu has been completely translated, the software which controls simultaneous operation of two batteries has been revised, not to mention that the smartphone is now generally more reliable.

I need advice on a model which is not officially offered in Europe.

Please address questions concerning warranty and service here:

What Wi-Fi frequencies does this smartphone use?

802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Where can I find D6000 user manual
Where can I find D6000 quick start guide
How long does it take to deliver innos D6000 to Spain?

Our logistic partner will deliver innos D6000 to Spain (Madrid) for 6 days.

How can I purchase innos D6000?

Payment is made in euro. Company Account  PELITT LV SIA opened in a bank Rietumu.

1. You can pay via bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro.


2. Paypal. To get the Paypal invoice, client should manually request it via Livetex-chat (on the left side of the page). Innos support will issue an invoice and send it to clients e-mail. 

PayPal payment method

What is innos D6000 retail price?

Innos D6000 price is 229 euro.

Will a new version of Android be available, and if so – when?

Firmware with Android 6.0 and other software updates will only be available for smartphones, bought on We do not know when all other versions of innos D6000, bought at other sites, will receive updates and whether they receive updates at all.

What is the service procedure for the innos D6000 smartphone?

If a problem occurs, we send out a courier who picks up your malfunctioning device. We then repair it and return it to the user.