JSR Limited (owner of the innos brand) is a company which was founded by engineers with vast experience in developing mobile devices for large companies. At first the company specialized in developing and manufacturing wireless communication terminals.


History of the brand

JSR Limited – the company that owns innos , was founded in 2009 by a team of engineers (consisting of about 30 people): these are people who used to work in R&D departments for the largest and most renowned Chinese and American smartphone manufacturers. In March 2011 JSR established its very own smartphone brand called innos.

In 2012 the first JSR smartphone was born – the innos D9, which at the time boasted the world’s highest capacity battery (4160 mAh). In Russia two slightly modified versions of the innos D9 were sold under two local Russian brands.

In 2013 a second model went on sale – the innos D10 smartphone with a “super-battery”. Again, at the time it became known as the smartphone with the world’s largest battery capacity (at 6000 MAh). In Russia a revamped version of this phone was sold under a local brand. The Russian version notably came with two batteries of varying capacity (3000 and 6000 MAh). This was the world’s first smartphone with interchangeable batteries of varying capacity.

In 2015 the concept of a smartphone with two batteries of varying capacity saw further development in the form of the innos D6000. The world’s first smartphone equipped with two batteries at once permits “hot-swapping” its removable battery without having to switch off and reset the phone. innos’ engineers had to extensively rework the basic Qualcomm platform for such a smartphone to be conceived: no existing smartphone platform in the world was able to support simultaneous use of two varying capacity batteries, as well as the capability of performing a “hot-swap”. The company’s engineers were able to achieved combined capacity of the batteries during their use, recharging and replacement. To this day JSR Limited is the world’s only smartphone manufacturer possessing such technology.

At the end of 2015 JSR Limited established its first foreign office – the European headquarters. JSR Limited’s goal is ambitious, namely – to immediately start taking the European marketplace by storm, as well as markets in former Soviet states. European headquarters opened in December. By the beginning of 2016 innos started delivering smartphones to customers in Russia and the former Soviet Union, with the start of European sales soon to follow.

In 2013  a second model went

on sale – the innos D10 smartphone

with a “super-battery”. Again,

at the time it became known as

the smartphone with the world’s

largest battery capacity

(at 6000 MAh).



JSR Limited isn’t just a large Chinese manufacturer which assembles devices under license. JSR Limited also has R&D facilities at its disposal, as well as its very own factories and staff consisting of over 500 employees. JSR Limited is a certified Qualcomm partner — which means it receives the latest chipsets, technology and software prior to most other Chinese companies that develop and produce smartphones.

JSR Limited is a smartphone manufacturer that specializes in producing smartphones with enhanced battery capacity. JSR Limited was at the forefront in developing smartphones that were compatible with interchangeable batteries of varying capacity, not to mention that it is currently one of the most prominent players in the field of smartphones with high-capacity batteries.

This idea further evolved into a working concept of a smartphone which utilizes two batteries at once: one is built-in, the other removable. At the end of 2015 JSR Limited started implementing phase two of its battery-technology development: the making of the world’s first modular smartphone (innos-maker) commenced. Our company plans on implementing a solution which will allow the user to have the same hardware (processor, memory, camera etc.) but in different-sized casing. In other words, the same basic platform can be offered in various forms, ranging from miniature to “semi-tablet”. Before making a purchase through the official online-shop, you will be able to configure your phone to the right specification – choose display-size, battery capacity, casing material. For example, those who prefer thin devices will receive a 1850 MAh battery, and those who want a gadget with the highest degree of autonomy can opt for a 6000 MAh battery. Several intermediate options will also be available. Each form-factor, each battery-type of varying capacity will correlate with its own “backdrop” – an appropriately sized and shaped back cover. When it comes to creating all products, one of innos’ highest priorities is using top-notch components sourced from leading world-class manufacturers: Qualcomm (chip-sets), Sharp (displays), Sony and Omnivision provide camera modules, while protective “Gorilla Glass” is supplied by Corning.

innos in Europe

Upon entering the European market, it was decided that innos would only deal with the end-costumer without any middle-men – i.e. without the help of local distribution companies or even retail chains. JSR Limited’s (SIA PELITT LV) official European headquarters was established specifically with that goal in mind, along with a strong team of local professionals that have a great deal of experience working in both the European and the post-Soviet marketplace.

The customer will receive merchandise that has been properly adapted (localized), carefully tested for compatibility with local cellular-service networks, and also 100% backed by proper factory warranty and support. Customers will be fully protected by their countries’ consumer advocacy laws.

However, the key component of innos’ approach is delivering smartphones directly to customers, which helps to keep prices as low as possible, since there are absolutely no intermediate parties between the manufacturer and consumers. Just the factory and the buyer. The buyer and the factory. This is one of innos’ distinguishing features as an innovative brand. It’s not only the technology, but also our approach towards how we offer consumers our products.

Such an approach allows either to significantly lower the price without bearing any losses, or to offer higher quality and technically better conceived devices for the same price as less appealing counterparts offered by competitors. In innos’ case, the choice was to focus on technical production: our smartphones are not the cheapest, however, when it comes to value and functionality for money – they are usually in a league of their own.

Our team

When putting together its European team, innos’ main objective was to locate and pick not just high-class professionals in their respective fields. It was a matter of finding people with hands-on experience, who had achieved success working for relatively small portable electronics brands (mainly those associated with smartphones). People who were already experienced in endeavors such as successfully introducing new mobile-gadget brands to the market, as well as subsequently taking a hand in their successful long-term growth.

And so, JSR Limited’s main objective was not assigning a large amount of employees to its European division, but rather focusing on high individual efficiency of each new specialist joining the team.

Михаил Чернышов
Mikhail Chernyshov - “innos Europe” project manager
14 years of experience in the smartphone market. Formerly the creator, driving force and one of the main ideologists behind a certain popular domestic smartphone brand.
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Кирилл Сергеев
Kirill Sergeev – “innos Europe” CTO
8 years of experience in the telecom industry. A man with vast experience in creating, implementing and managing IT-solutions for telecom companies, including Russia’s leading cellular-service providers.
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Company details

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E-mail: support.ru@innos.com
Address: Rīga, Uriekstes iela 14A, LV-1005
Company registration number: 50103958041
VAT registration number: LV50103958041