1.Why my mobile phone can not be switched on?
 Please recharge the battery.
2.Why there is no indication of charging in my mobile?
 When you start charging a empty battery or a battery which has not been used for a long time, it may takes up to 30 minutes before indication appears on screen.
3.How can I charge my handset?

A. Through the USB cable to charge your handset.
B. Through the AC travel charger to charge it.

4.How to make a new battery the best it can?

New batteries should be fully charged and discharged for 2-3 times in order to achieve optimal performance. 
The battery should be charged for 12-14 hours for the first three times. 
In order to make sure the battery are fully charged, it should be charged for 2-3 extra hours when the cell phone

displays fully charged.

5.Why it cannot use SIM card in my mobile?
 A. Remove to a good signal covered area or select another service network.
B. Check the service district of network operator.
C. Use a new SIM card.
6.Why my mobile cannot send a message?
 A. Contact with your network operator, and correct you message service center code.
B. Maybe you have to pay the money for call.
C. You don’t have a very good singal.
7.Why the MMS cannot be read?
 A. The format of the document may not supported by the phone. 
B. Your cell phone does not have enough storage space to download the MMS.
C. Data service of your cell phone is not open.
8.How to download music and e-books?
 Please refer to the related operating instructions in user’s manual.
9.How to deal with touch screen failures?
 Find "Touch Screen Calibration" from "Setting”"to recalibration the touch screen.
10.How to use the cell phone as a USB drive?
 Connected the handset to the computer via USB cable, select "Storage Device".  
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